Hola donde has estado??

Heeeeeeeey everyone! Long time, no see, huh? I'll skip the excuses for not posting and just get straight to the point: I attended Anahi's concert today!!! :D I guess only a concert would get me out of my permanent lazy state :P

So anyway, it was a good concert. But I prefer the... not reloaded version of it. The thing is, it is pretty clear that Any is slowly trying to stop singing the RBD songs and focus on the songs of her solo career. And that's obviously alright. But for her to do that she'd have to also do some changes. But I'll get to that later. I'm sorry, I've tried to make an outline of this post but it just isn't working, so I'll try to comment the songs in the order she sang them.

So yeah, okay. She started the concert with 'Para Qué' which is my favorite song from the CD and a powerful song to open the concert, it gets you pumped, ya know? But the beginning of it was playback and she only came on stage when the chorus started so it was kind of a bummer to me. The way she used to perform it back last year, without the playback, was much better. She can do such killer vocals on this song, so why waste it? More of this later, sadly.

After Para Qué she sang El Me mintió. It was amazing. She was wearing a widow costume and she sounded absolutely fantastic, it was one of the high points of the concert. Then it was Tal Vez Después turn. THIS SONG. I love love love it. It just works amazingly live. I'm really glad she didn't stop singing it. Besides Sálvame, it's the only RBD song that she sang. After that it was either Desesperadamente Sola or Ni Una Palavra. Desesperadamente Sola... I remember I really enjoyed it, but my memory sucks, so I can't say much. Ni Una Palavra is the "Hooooola donde has estado???" song. It seemed alright but I don't have a real opinion about it yet. You know how I go when it comes to songs, I have to listen to it a couple of times. But Any sounded good singing it and the chorus is catchy :D It goes "hola, donde has estado? Besos cruzados, numero equivocado" here

Then it was time for the acoustic part of the concert ♥ I have a neverending love for all things acoustic. You tell me it's an acoustic version and I'll listen to it immediately. Everything sounds better when it's acoustic, so it was one of my favorite parts of the concert. HOWEVER, I've got a problem with it: except for te puedo escuchar, all the other songs were put together in a medley. She started with No Te Quiero Olvidar and gaaaaaah I was dying to listen to it live. It was SO good, this song is so pretty "sueño que te intento besar, y me vuelvo a quemar, la vida se me escapa" ♥ "Aleph" came afterwards and it was just as great. And then, Sálvame. GAAAAAAH SÁLVAME. Everyone knows how much I love Sálvame, how it's one of my favorite songs ever. And I get it, she has been singing it since forever and maybe, someday, she will even stop singing it, but gah, it hurt a little to see it just squeezed there, in the middle of other songs. It's Sálvame, ya know? I didn't even cry this time around. And I always cry. So yeah, I'm complaining 'cause I didn't cry while listening to it. It lacked the whole magical feeling that usually surrounds this song. GAH, IT'S SÁLVAME, DAMNIT! Hasta Que LLegues Tu followed; I had been waiting to listen to this song live as well and it was pretty cool. She asked us to sing the last chorus (ORLY?!?!? SHOCKING! :P) and she looked pretty cute, just sitting there and listening. And to end the acoustic session, she sang Te Puedo Escuchar which is always emotional and beautiful ♥

Hmmm now I can't really remember if Quiero was after or before the acoustic part, but either way, along with TVD and Alergico, it was one of the best parts of the concert ♥ Theeeeen Superenamorandome! Ha! This song is so much fun! It's so silly and upbeat. LOL. And I love the choreography with Any and the dancers running, hehe. Claveles Importados followed and zzzzzzz boring. I don't like this song at all.

And finally, Aléeeeeeergico ♥♥♥ Best part of the concert, hands down. She sang it so beautifully. It was so heartfelt and amazing and I could only stare and swoon, ya know? I have to smile a little every time I remember her singing it :D There isn't a video of the complete song yet, buuuut you can check it out here

After Alérgico the fail fest started, aka "hooooola donde has estado playback? I haven't heard from you since the beginning of the concert" ¬¬ Probadita De Mi + Mi Delirio (fake bye-bye) + Me Hipnotizas (Remix Version). GAAAAAAAH. I absolutely hate playback. So if you fricken decided to have a song in your CD that can't be performed live, you fricken find a way to do it so. Dunno, she could have performed an acoustic version of it or whatever, or okay, let's use playback but ONLY in this song. Probadita de Mi is an absolutely useless song, if it were good the CD's producers would have let it make the final cut. This song sucks and it requires playback, so just don't bother performing it. And Me Hipnotizas could be easily performed live if they hadn't remixed it. GAH! I'm sorry but I'm not a blind fan, I paid for you to sing, I don't want you using playback in 4 songs out of 14 ¬¬

So anyway, my conclusion is that from this reloaded version of the concert what was relevant: the clothes, the kickass lighting and Alergico. Except for that she should have kept the previous tracklist, added complete versions of No Te Quiero Olvidar and Hasta Que Llegues Tu PLUS Qué Más Dá (I'm still shocked that she didn't include it when she had been singing this song so often) and just gotten rid of Claveles Importados and Probadita de Mi. Qué más dá is just as upbeat as Claveles Importados. And Desapareció is a thousand times better than PdM. Aaaand for the acoustic part, she could have gone with Aleph/Como Cada Día/Algun Dia. It was a 1h30min concert, she could and should have sang more songs. I mean, okay, you want to focus on the songs from your solo career, fine. So what about performing all the songs that are in your CD? And what about performing the complete version of them? HUH?!

I know I kinda ranted a bit, but it was a good concert overall and changes will obviously be made throughout the months, it was only the first concert of the Reloaded Tour. My advice would be: press F5 again, Any :P

Como Cada Día Te Recuerdo Hoy

I went to Anahi's concert last night \o/ \o/ So fricken AWESOME!

So it wall started on Wednesday night. On Tuesday my only friend that likes RBD told me she was going to the concert on Friday and guh, I wanted to go so much. I couldn't go to the one on Thursday 'cause it was more expensieve and Mom hadn't the money this month and blah blah blah. So on Wednesday when she came back from Maracana, after seeing her soccer team lose (again!) I went talk to her.
Me: Hey, mom... are you sad they lost the game?!?!
Mom *joking*: Naaah, how can I be sad when I have the most beautiful children in the world?? (u.u Mom comes up with these things sometimes, she's hilarious, for realz)
Me: u.u Okay. So you're happy?
Mom *frowning*: Yeaaaaaah...
Me: So mom, please, can I-
Mom *rolling her eyes*: Don't even start if it's the Anahi concert talk again u.u
Me *jumping up and down*: Waaaaaait. Let me try to persuade you first :P
Mom *laughing*: Hummm...
Me: So, she's going to perform at Scala. It's 50 bucks. 50 bucks, Mom. And one of my friends is coming and and pleaaaaaaaaase mom.
Mom: Anahí's concert?!?! 50 bucks?!?!
Me: Yeaaaaaaaaah.
Mom: 50 bucks to stay outside, you mean?!?
Me: LOL, no Mom, it's for realz.
Mom: And when are you going to buy it?!?
Me: So you'll give me the money???
Mom: Anahi's concert, for 50 bucks???!?! Yeah, I'll give you the money.

And that's the story of my mom being awesome! Huahua :P

So anyway early in the afternoon I went buy the ticket and around 7 I got in Scala. As my friend was there since 10 in the morning (she's crazy, the poor one) she was already inside when I got there. But luckily when I was coming back from the restroom she saw me and we could watch the show together \o/
Once I got inside Scala I got surprised. I thought everyone would be in the same level, but who had the VIP tickets were in the same level of the stage and the others were in two other levels. It's hard to explain, but we could see the stage so well. It was way better than the place where the RBD concerts were.
Around 8:40 p.m her band got on stage and started to perform covers and later their first single. I was surprised 'cause they are really good and the artists that open concerts usually suck :P The band's leader singer does Anahi's backvocals and the girl is soooo good. She has an amazing voice ♥

I guess 20 minutes later Any's concert began. And I could see everything! Scala's acoustic is fantastic so I could hear her singing perfectly ♥ I hope she'll do more concerts over there whenever she comes back. Anyway, her first clothes were black skirt and top, instead of the Pocahontas clothes I don't like, LOL. Dunno but there's always the clothes she wears in concert that I don't like but she never wear them on the concerts I attend, hehe.
The concert starts with her performing Mi Delirio but that's old news, LOL. It's cool when she comes out of that white bubble-of-sorts. After MD she performed Desesperadamente Sola. I really like what she did with the song. I didn't care much about the song but this version made me like it. The same happened with Superenamorandome. I'm not a Single Ladies fan but the SL + DS mix ended up sounding great.

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ETA: How come I forgot to fangirl about this?!?!: SHE'S SO PRETTY! This time I could see her better and she's just SO GORGEOUS. And it's funny but in person she doesn't look so skinny. She actually looks pretty hot, especially when she's dancing. Hee *______*

Oh Alan, why so perfect?

Alan Rickman, would you please, pretty please, marry me? Honestly, I love this man SO FUCKING MUCH! He is my favorite actor, I just got it proved today. He can marry me, have my soul, make me his slave. I'd do willingly *.*

Movie spoilers. DUH.

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Even though a lot was cut, I still think it was a good adaptation. Everything made sense, what didn't happen in some of the others movies. And the directing is great, I knew Yates wouldn't disappoint me and I'm glad he is staying for the next two movies. I keep on wondering how the movies would be if all of them were directed only by Chris Columbus or only by David Yates. A lot better, I guess.

I think it's my favorite movie. I'm gonna watch it again sometime on the weekend just to make sure :P

It still was a long review. Sorry :S


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